After the 29th September & 2nd October announcements regarding COVID-19 we will be implementing some new changes to make sure we can safely continue our lessons.


The regulations as per the RIVM Sports website state the following:

  • No more than 30 people present indoors simultaneously
  • No spectators during training or competitions
  • Social distancing whenever possible
  • Mask wearing strongly advised wherever possible

To adhere to these regulations, these changes will be in effect as of Tuesday 6th October until further notice:

  1. We strongly recommend those aged 13+ wear a mask when indoors. Athletes aged 12 and under may choose whether they would like to wear a mask. For cheerleading athletes, we will go through which elements you can/can’t be wearing a mask for at the start of practice.
  2. Athletes and coaches only permitted down the staircase- parents and friends/family, please remain socially distanced upstairs or by the outside windows when dropping off/picking up your athletes.
  3. Exception: For Tiny Tumbling on Tuesdays, 1 parent/caregiver per athlete is permitted inside the hall. You will be assigned chairs upon arrival to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.
  4. If you need to speak to a coach regarding your athlete, please do this beforehand where possible via email or phone, if it is urgent on the day tap/wave on the windows and either myself or coach Manon will come upstairs to speak to you.
  5. Food and drinks are no longer permitted indoors. Generally, we allow our athletes to bring snacks and drinks with them to consume between or before classes in the changing rooms. In order to minimize contact and numbers in the changing rooms, athletes may only bring in a water bottle (containing water!), any other foods or drinks will need to be consumed before entering the building. This applies to coaches also. We’ll do our best to accommodate for lateness for athletes who come in straight from school and need to eat beforehand outside the premises. 
  6. Hand sanitising is mandatory at both the start and end of class for all athletes, coaches and Tiny Tumbling caregivers entering the gym area.
  7. If your athlete is being tested for COVID, please let us know (even if the result is negative). 

We are looking into alternatives to the no spectators rule to allow parents more access to their athletes’ classes - we have tested a 10-min Instagram live for one of our older teams and will be looking into more options for parents to spectate digitally.


Until now we have not had any athletes or coaches test positive for COVID, but it only takes one positive test to shut down our classes for two weeks, so let’s be extra careful to ensure we can stay open :)


Thank you for reading through and we look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Our class schedule this season in the Boni hall:

Download the 2020-2021 season calendar here:

Legacy Elite Calendar
Legacy Elite Calendar 2020-2021.pdf
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