Alumni page!

Many of our athletes at Legacy attend international schools and move countries regularly; because of this we've started an Alumni page for athletes who started cheer with us and have gone on to pursue cheerleading or related sports in their new homes. 


Elle & Roos cheered at Legacy from 2016-2018 before moving away. This year they competed with Cheer Atlanta on level 1. Next year Roos will be cheering with Eagles Elite on their level 2 team! We miss them so much and wish them all the best!!

Sabrina was on our competitive travel team Legends that won their division in Barcelona in 2018! She has since moved back to the states where she is now focusing on trampolining and tumbling. We miss her so much!!

Joy was on our competitive travel team Silver the first time we went to Jamfest in 2016. After moving to Israel (where there is no cheerleading!) she has taken up acrobatics and circus lessons and continues to amaze us with all her cool new skills!!