Legacy Elite House Rules

General (applies to all athletes!)

Registration/Deregistration/Switching classes

  • Refunds are not possible once a class membership has been purchased, however it is possible to switch from one class to another. Please email hello@legacyelitegymsport if you wish to deregister from a class or switch to a different class.
  • Athletes must be registered and class membership must be purchased before the athlete joins the class. This is because all our athletes will otherwise not be covered by our insurance in the event of an injury. 
  • Deregistration or class switches must be done via email to hello@legacyelitegymsport.nl. NOT via word of mouth.  

Practice Rules

  • Athletes must be attired in the scheduled team training gear at every practice unless otherwise advised by the coaching staff. 
  • Long hair must be tied back from the face. 
  • All athletes/participants must remove all jewellery before training begins (not during). This is for your safety and the safety of those around you. This includes earrings!
  • Personal items should be placed in the changing area and not inside the hall.
  • Food and drink are allowed only in the changing area. Water bottles are permitted in the hall - other drinks such as juice or lemonade are not permitted.
  • NO GUM is allowed in the hall.
  • All cell phones and tablets etc. must be turned off once practice starts unless a coach requests their use (i.e. for filming of skills)
  • Do not bring items of value to the hall. (phones, jewellery, tablets etc.) Legacy Elite is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Athletes should arrive prior to their scheduled class time and must be changed into appropriate practice gear with jewellery removed by the time class begins.
  • Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to the following: The use of inappropriate language towards another athlete, coach, parent or staff member; Inappropriate comments made about or to another athlete, coach, parent or staff member; Lack or cooperation or willingness to participate positively in class sessions; Bullying other athletes, coaches, staff members or parents affiliated with Legacy Elite either within scheduled training time or in your own time; Poor sportsmanship or negative comments towards other competition teams whether at practice, competition or in your own time. Please note: This policy applies to all internet or social media sites.
  • Coaches may ask athletes to leave the class at any time due to disrespectful conduct as outlined above. Refunds will not be given for athletes who are asked to leave their classes due to disrespectful conduct. 


  • Legacy Elite shares media from professional photographers and staff from events and practices on social platforms. Pictures and videos of athletes representing Legacy Elite may be used on social media to further promote our sport. By participating in Legacy Elite classes you consent to photography and videography that may include your child and may be distributed on social media platforms (primarily instagram and this website). If you for any reason would like your child to be excluded from media distribution please send us an email to hello@legacyelitegymsport.nl before the start of the semester so we can confirm this with all staff before classes commence. 

Cheer (applies to competitive cheerleaders only!)

As a team member, you are now an ambassador for Legacy Elite. This means you will be held to the highest standard of behaviour when attending any cheerleading events including practices, competitions, social events and performances. We know that you will do your best to represent Legacy Elite in the most positive way and contribute to your team this season. Please review this Athlete Code of Conduct for all of our expectations in regards to behaviour, uniform, sportsmanship etc.



We ask the commitment of both athlete and their parent to ensure attendance at training sessions. Absence of one athlete hinders the progress of the whole team!!

  • Participation at competitions and performances is mandatory.
  • Team members are recommended to miss no more than 3 practices per season. If a cheerleader misses many practices to the point where it hinders the progress of the other cheerleaders, they may be asked to leave the team. Please check our online calendar for holiday periods: as our athletes are from various schools, our holiday periods occur when the school holidays for BSN, ASH and Dutch schools overlap.
  • Should an athlete need to miss a training for social events, sports, co-curriculars etc., the coach must be informed well in advance of the event. 
  • If an athlete is sick or injured we would appreciate that they still attend and sit out of training - this is to keep up with changes to choreography & positioning.
  • In the event that an athlete does miss a team event or training they may be re-positioned in the routine in order to avoid further disruption to the progress of other team members.
  • Our attendance policy is in place to ensure the safety and progress of all team members. We understand that family time is important and we encourage cheerleaders to have interests outside of cheerleading. We also hope to use this policy to teach our cheerleaders the importance of commitment and time management. We thank you in advance for your support in this endeavour. 

We publish our calendars and events prior to the start of the season on our website and send email reminders throughout the year. If your athlete is going to miss a practice or an event due to an extracurricular or holiday, make sure to tell us about it as soon as possible. We have had athletes have to miss competitions due to being on holiday during the practices leading up to the competition and not informing coaching about absences until the week of. If we know about the absence in advance we can look into switching practice times or arranging alternate possibilities for athletes so they can still participate in events. Please do not leave these things to the last minute as this often results in consequences both the athlete, the coaches and the entire team. So many hours of planning go into these events! 



  • Legacy Elite has a zero tolerance policy for bullying or negative behaviour of any kind. We are committed to teaching our athletes positive behaviour and reaction strategies; however, should this behaviour continue to affect the team and its affiliates the athlete(s) in question will be asked to leave the program for the emotional and physical safety of others involved.
  • Threatening to quit a team has a huge impact on all athletes and coaches involved and is thus not tolerated. This may result in the athlete in question being asked to leave the team. 
  • Cheerleaders must respect all opponents, judges and officials - treat them as you would a guest, even if you disagree with their points.
  • Athletes should display positive public action at all times – applaud at the end of performances, maintain enthusiasm and serve as a role model.