Legacy Elite Glow - International Junior 1 travel team

Our new team Legacy Elite Glow will be a competitive international junior 1 team. We will be holding tryouts for athletes on September 1st 2019. 



  • Born in 2010-2004
  • Has tumbling skills front walkover and back walkover (starting 1 foot forward) 
  • Has flexibility skills at right and left splits; at minimum 1 side splits and close to other side splits
  • STRONG PREFERENCE for athletes who will also be in attendance in the 2020-2021 season. If you are unsure whether you are moving away please let us know at try-outs. 



Weekly practice 18:00-19:00 on Mondays, 19:00-20:30 Wednesdays 

Athletes may miss a maximum of 5 practices per season with the exception of serious illness/emergency. Athletes may not miss practices during the week leading up to a competition or performance. Injured athletes are expected to attend so they can watch for changes in choreography. 


01/09/2019 Tryouts 

14/09/2019 Choreography camp

15/09/2019 Choreography camp

09/11/2019 KNGU Your Stage performance

01/02/2020 Legacy Elite Winter Showcase

??/02/2020 Experts camp

07/03/2020 FutureCheer Circus Spectacular competition (Sheffield, UK)

08/03/2020 FutureCheer Circus Spectacular competition (Sheffield, UK) 

27/04/2020 King's Day Fundraiser

13/06/2020 FutureCheer Barcelona competition

14/06/2020 FutureCheer Barcelona competition


COSTS - estimate


€150 Class fees Dec-Jan

€150 Class fees Feb-June

€300 Varsity full uniform and practicewear

€50 Legacy tracksuit

€200 Flights, accommodation and registration for FutureCheer Circus Spectacular

€250 Flights, accommodation and registration for FutureCheer Barcelona

€50 International coaching and choreography

€15 Music fees


€1165 total

Not taking fundraisers and potential sponsorships into account

Register for try-outs

After submitting your registration you will receive a number via email along with information regarding what to wear, what time to arrive and what is expected on the day. 

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