Legacy Elite Glow - International Junior 1 travel team

Our new team Legacy Elite Glow will be a competitive international junior 1 team.





Weekly practice 18:00-19:00 on Mondays, 19:00-20:30 Wednesdays 

Athletes may miss a maximum of 5 practices per season with the exception of serious illness/emergency. Athletes may not miss practices during the week leading up to a competition or performance. Injured athletes are expected to attend so they can watch for changes in choreography. 


01/09/2019 Tryouts 

14/09/2019 Choreography camp with Danielle Robinson (Team England Dance Coach)

09/11/2019 KNGU Your Stage performance

01/02/2020 Legacy Elite Winter Showcase

??/02/2020 Experts camp

07/03/2020 FutureCheer Circus Spectacular competition (Sheffield, UK)

08/03/2020 FutureCheer Circus Spectacular competition (Sheffield, UK) 

27/04/2020 King's Day Fundraiser

13/06/2020 FutureCheer Barcelona competition

14/06/2020 FutureCheer Barcelona competition


COSTS - estimate


€150 Class fees Dec-Jan

€150 Class fees Feb-June

€300 Varsity full uniform and practicewear

€50 Legacy tracksuit

€200 Flights, accommodation and registration for FutureCheer Circus Spectacular

€250 Flights, accommodation and registration for FutureCheer Barcelona

€50 International coaching and choreography

€15 Music fees


€1165 total

Not taking fundraisers and potential sponsorships into account


Not all fees are due immediately; each fee has its due date listed in its description, and they are ordered chronologically by which fee is due first. If you are running into trouble with paying each fee on time please email me so we can set up a payment plan for monthly installments throughout the year. 

GLOW Varsity full uniform and practicewear

Due by 15th September 2019

€ 300,00

GLOW Class Fees Semester 1

Due by November 1st 2019

€ 150,00

GLOW Class Fees Semester 2

Due by February 1st 2019

€ 150,00

GLOW International Coaching & Choreography + Music Fee

Due by November 1st 2019

€ 65,00

GLOW Legacy Travel Tracksuit

€ 41,90

Unaccompanied Minors Sheffield7-8 March

Flights + accommodation Sheffield

€75 hotel + €92 return flight to Sheffield. Departs Fri 6th March EZY1834 5:15pm. Arrives back in Amsterdam EZY1835  Sun 8th Mar 20:45. Booked for Manon, Suna, Audrey, Kayleigh, Merel, Alice. 

€ 167,00