Summer Private Lessons

We are offering private lessons over the summer for athletes who would like to improve their skills in time for the new season.

Details are as follows:

  • Lessons cost €20/hr
  • Meet in the Pink room at the Schulpwei in Wassenaar
  • Lessons may be shared between up to 3 athletes

The following skills can be taught during privates: 

  • Forwards/backwards rolls
  • Cartwheels 
  • Forwards/backwards walkovers
  • Backhandsprings
  • Standing tucks
  • Jumps incl. toetouches, hurdlers and pikes 

If you are interested in lessons for:

  • More advanced skills such as series to tucks, layouts, fulls, doubles and combinations,
  • Flyer's skills including full downs, double downs and pyramid flipping skills, 

We suggest working with a coach at a local trampoline park such as Trixs; email us at to coordinate a lesson. 

August 2019 private lessons

€ 20,00